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Hello Everyone ! Welcome to our 12th AMA (Ask Me Anything) with SuperLauncher. On 9th of Dec 2021, CryptoSpartans had a live AMA session with Kanary. In case you missed it here is the recap.

AMA Summary:
Segment 1: Questions for SuperLauncher Team
Segment 2: Twitter Round Question
Segment 3: Live Q&A

The transcript has been edited for clarity.

Segment 1: Questions for SuperLauncher Team
Lucifer Morningstar |HOST
1. Can you please introduce SuperLauncher DAO to the community and your intention behind the project?
SuperLauncher DAO
is an investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of blockchain. We facilitate mass participation in Seed/Private/IDO rounds through our smart contract architecture and offer a feature-rich platform that powers flexible and decentralized management of capital.

We are essentially looking to break boundaries and empower investors to seed projects across blockchains. As you know, usually early stage funding opportunities are only open to a select few (VCs, influencers etc). We wish to level the playing field. When we grow as a DAO, all of us in the DAO benefit. It’s no longer about just a team and a community. When you are with us, you are one of us, a birdie :)

2. What project milestones have you achieved until now and what are you working on currently?
Proud to say that we have achieved a number of things since we started.

From a business side, we continue to bring only top quality projects for our investors.
We have also built up strong partnerships with upstream partners, who help to give phenomenal exposure to our projects around launch. We have also forged strong relationships with multiple communities as we are strong believers in the power of a community.

From a tech perspective, we’ve not stopped building and will continue to do so as innovation is an ongoing process :) So far we’ve launched:
- LaunchPad V1
- SuperFarms
- PlayGround
- NFT Sales
- Seed/Private Round certificates
- OTC Marketplace

Super excited about our certificates and the OTC marketplace. Its a game-changer as now investors are able to trade their seed or private round investments in a secure marketplace even before the tokens are listed anywhere.

You can read up about the marketplace here:

Launchpad 2.0 is also around the corner (currently under audit). This will bring guaranteed and sizeable allocations instead of single digit allos which doesn’t really benefit anyone :)

Priyank Gupta |HOST
3. How many projects have been launched on your platform and how has the response been?
To date, we have hosted 8 IDOs including our own, a seed round, a metaverse land seed sale, a travel NFT sale, a game NFT sale. Many more lined up in our pipeline :)
We have also hosted a few private sales for projects that wanted to cater to their community and they liked what they saw in our tech 🙂

Response has been great as our investors are always hungry for the deals we bring and they trust our due diligence process and that we only bring deals to the table which we ourselves would invest in. All our raises have been immensely successful :)

Segment 2: Twitter Round Question:

  1. @iraghubhati : Can you help India’s startup project funding management problem ?
    Picked this question as interestingly enough we have been looking at the Indian blockchain startup scene with great interest. Many great developers and projects have come from there and we do have a number of Indian birdies in our community :) If you know of any interesting project (not just from India, we are global birdies) that needs funding and want us to take a look feel free to reach out to us. Always happy and eager to help. Our support extends beyond just funding. We maintain close relationships with all the projects in our ecosystem and continue working together to date. So yes we can help 🙂
  2. @Julia50099594 : Almost 3/4 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?
    So what needs to be realized in this space is that we need to be looking at projects that have a clear plan, far sighted vision and the ability to deliver consistently. no point in rushing towards a project that promises you the moon and then dies off. Crypto is here to stay and projects like SuperLauncher DAO that envisions itself to be a permanent fixture in the space are what investors should be looking at :)
    To keep it simple, we aren’t here for short term gains. We are builders and continue to innovate in the space. New investors just need to take a look at our roadmap and our delivery to know that we are serious about growing. Now that we have implemented the DAO model, things are going to get even bigger even faster :)

Segment 3: Live Q&A

Q1. @Maxim7687 : What can I do to assist in the development of super launcher project? Do you have a way of involving Community members to participate actively in project apart from GOVERNANCE?
Ans: Yes of course. That is why we are a DAO. Some of our community have come onboard to take on DAO roles as Venture Birds, IC Birds, Compliance Birds etc. DAOs aren’t just about governance, its about being inclusive. Do apply for a role and join us on our journey 🙂

Q2. @BrockParris : Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?
Ans: we have actually gone above and beyond what we originally set out to do. Just as the blockchain space evolves, we continue to evolve too. Our satisfaction lies in growing the DAO and as we foresee ourselves continuously growing we will just have to wait for the satisfaction bit 🙂

Q3. @llen_brink : What would be the strategies to attract new non-crypto users? How much would the initial investment be for these new users? Will it have any restrictions or will it be easily accessible to new users at your investment level?
Ans: As blockchain/cryptocurrency goes mainstream, it’s inevitable that many non-crypto users would step in to discover this magical world — and we are already seeing that happen.
We have been experimenting with new strategies like expanding our social media presence on Tiktok, to forging partnerships with projects like Broex, who face non-crypto native users, and give them easy access to cryptocurrency or blockchain products. Education is also very important, so we are starting to build out more content on Youtube, especially tutorial and how-to videos.
SuperLauncher has always prided itself in catering to even micro-investors, as our vision is to facilitate mass adoption, and a large part of the userbase is coming from emerging economies. We have had users participate in our token sales with staking amounts of less than $100, and contribution amounts as low as $40.
As the platform gains more traction, the demand will increase, causing the barriers to lift, but we will continue to keep it accessible, as it is in the interest of SuperLauncher DAO to grow its userbase and uplift our users as a whole.

Q4. @maldaaam : What part of the world are you concentrating on when it comes to marketing or target audience? Do you have any plans to grow an Indian community?
Ans: The beauty about this space is that there is no need to define borders and only be available to a certain group of people. We are global birdies and cater to all. With that being said, there of course comes a need for certain communities for those who prefer to converse in their native language and we do our best to cater to that. we have 7 different channels for birdies from different parts of the world. We do have a thriving Indian community channel as well. Our Indian birdies are awesome 🙂

Thank you everyone once again for participating in this exciting community AMA! It was our pleasure to host AMA with SuperLauncher.

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🇮🇳 CryptoSpartans™ is an Emerging crypto community on Telegram. This group is for discussing everything crypto, for newbies as well as experienced traders.

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