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10 min readAug 14, 2022
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Hello Everyone ! Welcome to our 20th AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Realitychain. On 2nd of August 2022, CryptoSpartans had a live AMA session with Adam , Pandu and Danny. In case you missed it here is the recap.

AMA Summary:
Segment 1: Questions for RealityChain Team
Segment 2: Myriad App Round Question

The transcript has been edited for clarity.

Segment 1: Questions for Realitychain Team.

Priyank Gupta l HOST

  1. Can you please introduce yourself and your project Realitychain to the community ?

Pandu l RealityChain

i’m decentricity / pandu sastrowardoyo, i founded RealityChain so anyone can create their own accessible metaverse. I have been in the Metaverse for more than 11 years and I think NEAR is the best engine for the metaverse since it allows for extreme accessibility and allows easy onboarding of mainstream users.

Adam l RealityChain

Hello, im Adam Ardisasmita. Im the CEO of RealityChain. I’ve been making video games since 2011. With the experience building digital world, now we try to help communities and projects to have their own “home”, a metaverse, powered by RealityChain.

Danny l RealityChain

So, myself I’m the CEO of Myriad.Social (, get onboard now it’s super cool). We’re a web3 social platform, anon-first, free-speech-first, soon to be federated, too. We’re the first Octopus Appchain to deploy a metaverse with Reality Chain. You can already try the testnet version on the app, actually.

Personally, what you need to know is that I’m a huge video game nerd, and I’ve been in IT for the last 20 odd years.

Lucifer Morningstar l HOST

2. What makes RealityChain different from other competitors?

Pandu l RealityChain

The Metaverse as a service model and the focus on mobile first accessibility.

Adam l RealityChain

What we do in RealityChain is helping communities to have their own metaverse in the most decentralized way. Other metaverse project only sell the land, but we spin up a whole metaverse for them to own and govern. Just by staking $REAL, you can have your own metaverse up and running.

As communities or project, you can choose to have a Small, Medium, or Large metaverse. You can choose to have a 2D metaverse or 3D metaverse. Its easy and fast to generate a metaverse using RealityChain

Danny l RealityChain

That’s really it. With Myriad, we didn’t want to sink a lot of cost into making our own metaverse. RealityChain came in with their 2D engine and I fell in love with it. It’s very accessible, no VR helmet required, it runs on a phone, and it’s actually super creator friendly.

Priyank Gupta l HOST

3. In your litepaper you mention about the Triple Pool Model , can you explain in details ?

Pandu l RealityChain

that’s just a business model that is active on many crypto structures, that we also adopt actually. the usage of tokens for governance and to generate land, having utility NFTs such as land and items, and having income-generating land

it’s a standard model, it’s not our concept , three pool model is a common crypto concept .

a lot of projects use something like this.

Adam l RealityChain

To describe our $REAL Tokenomic models, we have 3 main utilities of $REAL. 1. You can use $REAL to stake the token and then generate a metaverse. 2. Your Staked $REAL can be use to govern the metaverse and also voting power in RealityChain DAO, 3. Every $REAL staker can get incentives from all of the transaction across the metaverses

Segment 2: Myriad App Round Question:

Q1. @firstentity : When and on which platform can the IDO of the reality chain be expected? How can we participate in IDO?

Ans : In our roadmap, we are planning to do the IDO end of the year. But we are looking closely with how the market situation and act accordingly in the best interest of the community .

Please stay tuned for updates regarding the IDO :)

Q2. @gujarnilesh : Game experience is what players need. What creative dimension and gaming perspective will #RealityChain be introducing and how will you be able to prioritise game experiience first and thereafter perfectly link NFT into it without trading off core-gaming experience?

Ans : The main vision of RealityChain is a place for you to connect and have a meaningfull interaction. The focus will be toward the social aspect of metaverse. You can do text chat, voice chat, express yourself in avatars, show off your NFTs, stream directly from Youtube/Twitch, etc. But we do agree that having a gamification experience will bring more fun int the interaction. So we also build RealityChain to have gamification module inside it. For example, we did a metaverse concert with a treasure hunt gamification on the island.

More on the gamification module will be announce in the near future. We are cooking some cool gamification module in RealityChain for you to play ;)

Q3. @altaf007 : With numerous eruption and growing power of blockchain games, project are now looking for that special drive and sometimes a special incentives for it users to keep them in the project. Does RealityChain has that strategic move to attract more adoption even in bear market?

Ans : constant events and parties. we just had one last week, and we had a huge one 2 months ago. also an upcoming one by the end of this month!

So, neither Myriad.Town or RealityChain are blockchain games per-se. They are decentralized metaverses, So the dynamics are completely different. They have the same attraction as web2 metaverse, only they are more accessible, more modular, more composable, and there isn’t any play-to-earn catch or anything like that. It’s really a place for users to express themselves and communities to interact.

I’ve had my last Muay-Thai fight streamed to an audience on Myriad Town’s testnet, and that’s not something you can do with traditional games :D

That is an excelent question. A lot of blockchain game build on unsustainable model where they can only attract speculant, not users. RealityChain’s mission is to bridge web2 into web3. That means we need to bring value to the user, mainstream people. We also going to empower creators economy where everyone can design an avatar or furniture, and sell it to be used in RealityChain.

point is, we’re not gamefi / defi, and platform activity for us goes deeper than just farming and getting yield — platform activity for us is the usage of the metaverse for events and building things.

“building things” may include building games. but not always.

Q4. @Cryptolegal : Can you explain me more about dynamic NFTs? how to get whitlisted and what are the benefits of hodling dynamic NFTs in your platform? is those NFTs are limited and where can we trade your NFTs?

Ans : What we have in RealityChain is Utility NFT. Utility NFT is the NFT’s that can be used inside of the metaverse. For example a hari, a clothes, a shoes, a chair, a floor, a wallpaper, etc. This NFT’s is something that you can create and mint and use in RealityChain

We have a very easy to follow guideline for you to create and mint an Utility NFT.

Regarding the land NFTs, you can stake REAL to genereate a metaverse. For example, you create a small metaverse, than you will have 100 parcel’s NFT

And cool thing about RealityChain, we are multichain

Eventhough you stake REAL using NEAR protocol standard, you can spin up your metaverse in other blockchain too.

We already support NEAR and Polygon , More blockchain protocol in the future.

Q5. @nearshi : Do you have any bounty hunting programs or Events and Giveaways to Involve and engage the community with the project and also create hype of the project ?

Ans : We did a bounty with prize pool 2000 USD to support creators and have them create Utility NFTs.

We got a very cool, unique, and hot submission in avatar and parcel design.

Offcourse that is not our last bounty, there will be so many cool bounties in the future

And we will have a very huge event!!! We will launch the first metaverse powered by RealityChain in MainNet, it will be Myriad Town by @DannyJakarta ;)

So “Utility NFTs” can sound a bit technical, but really it’s all about creating your own dream stuff for the metaverse and getting a bounty for it. You want an avatar with an octopus’ head, do it, you want to turn your plot into a goth-revival den, do it. SKY IS THE LIMIT (sorta) .

And on Myriad.Town we’ll do such contests in the future. Notwithstanding the fact that you can of course get people to buy the NFTs you mint for the contests, or outside the contests, too.

Q6. @nearshi : I Read about RealityChain and Found Reality Chain is very fundamentally Strong but even a Strong Project Needs Great Marketing and Community Backing so Do you have Any Ambassador Program ? Is it Successful ? Are you entertaining new applications for the Program ?

Ans : we have a business development team as well as a marketing team, and we engage with our partners to draw in users.

partners include those who have generated / are generating a metaverse with us — Myriad,, and as well as other partners —, Tamago, etc

On the Myriad side, let’s say it like that: we’re web3, so we’ll leverage our community, and empower them to trigger the network effect. We work for our metaverse, but it actually bossts RealityChain as well, and that’s powerful.

We’ve got nearly 38k users after all :D

Q7. @cryptogeeek : How do you keep your platform safe for Investors, and is your platform protected from hackers? And how do you manage if there’s an attack on your platform, including the personal data of your platform’s users? Do you have backup plan?

Ans : We dont store user’s info in reality chain, but rather we connect with their wallet. Everything’s on chain are secure because it’s in the blockchain

The engine itself is off chain, we host it in a secure and trusted platform (AWS & GCP). If anything happens to the engine, we also have backup on our site.

i’d also like to note that we piggyback upon the security of our partner NFT marketplaces too like, is quite trusted in the NEAR ecosystem, right? that is what we use to mint NFTs on and

Q8 . @cryptominati : In website reality chain mentioned that users can “Meet people while meeting people. Walk from chain to chain seamlessly “ but how its possible to travel in between multiple chain without any bridge , by just changing wallets? Whsat is the mechanism behind it?

Ans : if you think about it, it’s actually easier than you think , think of the metaverse as a website.

you go to one page and connect to one wallet, you go to another page and connect to another wallet, that is perfectly possible — a ton of websites do that, for example, opensea also , for the metaverse the “page” analogy is simply “islands” instead.

one island can be on NEAR — as in you can only enter / have a name / have an avatar if you have logged in with NEAR , another island can be on the Polkadot wallet for example.

entering an island triggers a wallet connect with separate wallets , so really, it’s not very complicated — just think of websites that connect you to multiple wallets and bring the analogy to the semi-physical nature of the metaverse.

Q9. @officialsunil : Nowadays we can hear people saying that the metaverse is the future world. But why do people think so? Why do blockchain technologies create the metaverse or its tools or products? What is the actual use of the metaverse in real life?

Ans : The metaverse is a social platform that allows you to have an analogy of real world experiences. these platforms are different from chats or zoom calls but can replace both. Before the pandemic no one imagined that our primary connection with other people lies within video calls and chats

we weren’t even able to imagine that our work revolves so much around being at home and meeting people only virtually and if you go back 5 years or 10 years, no one imagined that chat would have so much effect to the way we interact with friends now what i want you to do is fast forward.

not 5 years — just 1 or 2 years would do, the abilities of the metaverse to allow online collaboration and social interaction would revolutionize the way we do work as WELL as the way we make friends

A metaverse is the realization, on a visual level, of what happens in on-line communities. The thing is at some point you need a space to express yourself and take possession of your online persona. Chat rooms and social sites are one thing, but how do you actually gather and meet people online, in environment that give you the possibility to display who you are -not what you do or how cool your breakfast was, but who you are and how you want to show yourself.

Having blockchain tech supporting metaverse is also essential for ownership purposes. If you buy a land in real life, you really owned the land. But if you buy digital land on metaverse without blockchain, there’s no proof of ownership.

Q10. @octopusguy : In 2dverse there is a possibility to run a digitial advertising agency? what will be steps to enter the Realitychain Metaverse? I am very much excited about this but i have zero knowledge so can you explain in simple word?

Ans : wow. yes. this is something we have discussed as an upcoming feature — metaverse billboards , you can currently already set it up on your own actually — just get a parcel on and start selling ad space on your land

Right now it is only on testnet, but end of the month you will have it on mainnet .

Yes, if you own a land in a very strategic position, you can use it to advertise.

Or maybe you can dress using a t-shirt from some brands and walk around in the crowd. You become a walking ads :)

But honestly, I did advertize this fight for Myriad.Town and it reached pretty far. We had people from Europe, SEA, and other regions AFAIK, and that was a very good test run on what a multiverse-based broadcast can let you do. With A Pixel Ring.

You can literally upload an avatar that’s the mascot of your brand :D

Thank you everyone once again for participating in this exciting community AMA! It was our pleasure to host AMA with RealityChain.




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