Hello Everyone ! Welcome to our 16th AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Airlyft. On 19 of March 2022, CryptoSpartans had a live AMA session with Omar and Neha. In case you missed it here is the recap.

AMA Summary:
Segment 1: Questions for Airlyft Team
Segment 2: Twitter Round Question
Segment 3: Live Q&A

The transcript has been edited for clarity.

Segment 1: Questions for Airlyft Team
Priyank Gupta l HOST
1. Can you please introduce Airlyft to the community and what is your primary intention behind this product?

Omar l Airlyft
Absolutely. In the current blockchain world, crypto marketing is a bot-fest & this causes huge losses to startups as well as the community. Events like airdrops are raided by bots, there is an unfair distribution that ultimately removes all interest of participants in these giveaways. After thorough market research, we understood that there is no single solution to easily organize campaigns
where startups can ask users to perform certain actions on their smart contracts and reward users for these actions and make the marketing engagement more seamless and dynamic.
This is the problem we are trying to solve where Kyte is building a suite of DeFi Products with our flagship product, AirLyft that aims to provide a one-stop solution for all the growth hacking needs for a crypto startup where each organization can create an event and let AirLyft do the maximum for them. It will be a platform where startups can organize and run customized events, distribute rewards on-chain & boost their project instantaneously. And by the time an event is completed, our apps will help you get dynamic engagement from your community (totally BOT FREE) & reward them in KTE or your native tokens. Be it Airdrops, Giveaways, Quizzes, Competitions - AirLyft provides a seamless experience. We are certain that this unified growth hacking platform is going to change the face of how marketing events are currently organized in the blockchain world.

Lucifer Morningstar l HOST
2. What project milestones have you achieved till now and what are you working on currently?

Omar l Airlyft
Absolutely. So here is a list of them:

<>Our beta version of AirLyft is in place and will be released soon
<>We have completed building our AirLyft bot Traffy for Telegram integration. You can find it on
<>The two most used social channels i.e. Twitter and Telegram have been integrated to AirLyft for connecting and performing tasks.
<>Post completion of TG and Twitter integration, we are now almost towards completion of our Quiz Module and it will be integrated both on AirLyft and our Interviews By AirLyft website
<>The public page for startups is almost to an end now and will be completed before the beta launch. This is just the alpha version of the page for the functionality, there are a LOT more updates to the UI & UX coming soon
<>Our partner dashboard is also completed and with this, organizations can now start hosting their competition right away. It takes an organization less than 5 minutes to create a competition
<>Lastly, our smart contract audit for token and vesting is going on by Hacken
<> We have already partnered with some exciting projects like Heroes of NFT, SnowCone DAO, DeFiato, Smash Heroes NFT, RMRK, etc. to name a few 🙂

And currently the only thing that we are working on is to bring out the platform as quickly as possible for the blockchain world without compromising on quality . So we are all hands on at the moment trying to make it a reality soon 🙂

Priyank Gupta l HOST
3. We see on your Roadmap that you mention referral module and AMA Curation Module, what is it basically ?

Omar l Airlyft
Sure. So our referral module is all centered around our reward pools which I will explain next to give some context on this. So, the reward pools concepts we have at AirLyft is an innovative one and is one of a kind functionality catered for users activities such be it individual participations, or KOLs. In a simpler sense, multiple reward pools represent the idea of having different pools for different block chain members. So, there will be separate pools for users who are participants, and different reward sections for referral, different reward sections for KOL and so on. Hence the term, multiple reward pools. Now, it is to be noted that organizations before final creation of the event will be provided with an option to allocate the winning amount for each of these members. So, the idea behind having separate pools here is that if a user participates and wins, he will have his winnings allocated under the reward pool. Same is with KOLs, where if a KOL participated and did some activities, the reward being
allocated to him is under KOL pools. And the same idea goes for the referral pool too.

Now coming to the AMA curation module, we will have a an AMA conducting platform where it’s be easier for users/organizers to use our smart data filtration feature where repetitive questions can be removed from fake accounts, filters can be set to search and select specific questions as per the needs and wants of the project. So we are very excited about this, as it will make it a seamless experience moving forward

Segment 2: Twitter Round Question:

  1. @lusifar63 : Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?

Omar l Airlyft

Thank you for this question. We realize that the UI/UX play a very important role in creating ease of usage of the platform. From our team Aslam has 10+ years of experience in UI/UX along with frontend development. He is also the author of a book on Bulma CSS and co-founder of Code mails which is an email template catalog. So with his expertise we have the trust to build a simple, minimalistic & effective platform. For the current crypto community we want to make participation in an event as simple & straightforward as possible. Now, for the non-crypto users we want to collaborate with good projects for their events so that a level of trust is built in the non-crypto users which is lacking right now. The reward will be locked in the smart contract on event creation; this also adds to the trust in the platform.

2. @bbs_avax: Is AirLyft specific to any blockchain or is it going to be supported across entire networks? Secondly, just love the smart contract integration and in app campaigning. I do get an idea of what both is but how can one do an in game campaigning at AirLyft?

Omar l Airlyft

AirLyft’s token KTE will be an ERC20 token but as a project, AirLyft will be multi-chain and will support many different blockchains. Which basically means that projects from many different blockchains will be able to use AirLyft’s features & they don’t have to specifically be on an EVM compatible chain.
To show in-game campaigning as an example, let’s think of a trading card GameFi where you collect trading card NFTs and play a board game with them, the NFTs can be purchased using a $ABC token, the more you play, the more ABC tokens you get.
Now, using AirLyft the game developers can motivate users to participate and keep playing the game by creating events around the game play.
For example, if a new user joins the game, they can ask the user to min their first NFT and get 100 $ABC token reward.
Once a user does this, they can then use the NFT to play the game and gain more $ABC tokens.
There can be a second action using AirLyft where the game asks users to stake $500 ABC tokens and get an NFT as reward.
So in this way, in-game events can keep motivating users to keep playing. We understand that these will have a dynamic nature and hence creating them on AirLyft will take a couple of minutes & not hours or days.

3. @shaila29856968 : AirLyft offers innovative tools for blockchain startups and traditional sellers alike. What are the tools that allow you to evaluate the growth possibilities of Startups? And, What is the guarantee that there is no preference when it comes to supporting a Startup or a Vendor?

Omar l Airlyft

So. The entire AirLyft platform revolves around the organization, community members, KOLs, VCs and Launchpads. So AirLyft itself being a tool, we have taken our sweet time to understand the core problems in the field of blockchain marketing and validated those across multiple strategies. Post this, we started designing the architecture of AirLyft back in the month of December and here we are. Based on the current marketing situations, this one-stop growth hacking platform, AirLyft, will become a need of the hour and our team is working hard on beta launch. Some of the awesome features are that we will have multiple social channel integrations that will make sure all of the activities are happening on the same unified platform and users don’t have to toggle between platforms to complete the tasks that are assigned to them. The organization will get a detailed report of their event performance , users list, impressions and so on. This analytics will help the organizations to further plan their marketing strategies based on which event performed well. We are pretty sure this product is going to change the way marketing methodologies are currently being implemented in the world of blockchain.

4. @growithjack : I understood from your last tech update that
@airlyftone is a part-centralized & part-decentralized platform. What section of AirLyft is centralized & what is decentralized?

Omar l Airlyft

AirLyft is a perfect blend of centralized & decentralized platform.

Centralized Microservices
These centralized microservices ensure that the event is created successfully & all actions are verified. Defining the task steps, the number of winners and setting the distribution strategy is part of the centralized system.

Certificate Authority
This is the security layer between the centralized & decentralized systems that ensures that all information from our servers to the smart contracts are securely sent.

The decentralized part of the system has different smart contracts (Token & Vesting are already audited by Hacken - report out soon!) This system takes care of reward pools and reward distribution. Funds are locked into the smart contract before an event is run, and the users in the end can claim them if they are in the shortlist. The shortlist is sent to an IPFS from our central server to make sure it’s stored securely & can’t be changed.

5. @ruhel00786 : As you mentioned “Social Action Verification” so is it done manually or there is some bots or machine? Can you explain the mechanism used by your platform? Is testing is done? When will be the launch?

Omar l Airlyft

Airlyft will be smart enough to verify all of these actions, the actions are broadly divided into two categories:

1. Web 3.0 Actions
These actions are those that a user performs on other platforms' smart contracts. Suppose a GameFi project wants to verify whether a user has purchased a particular NFT or not. The GameFi project will save their smart contract information in the AirLyft Event Creation dashboard and AirLyft will then read the information from the GameFi project’s smart contract. This will help in creating different conditions like
Mint an NFT
Buy an NFT from an auction
Stake some token
Hold some token
Add liquidity to a pool
Reach a certain level in a game
..and many many more!

2. Other Actions
These are actions on social platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Discord etc. These are verified using our smart microservices & some moving parts depending upon the platform. One of the example we can give you is “Air Traffy” which is our TG bot for our official group but later this bot will also give in-depth analytics of the users and engagement. For Twitter, we have a Twitter App that asks for ‘read-only’ access from the participant and verifies the information, this is very safe because the app never asks for any write access. The launch will be happening step-by-step over the course of 3 weeks. Twitter & TG being priority will be launched in the beta release.

Segment 3: Live Q&A

Q1. @Lover543 : your project has good growth potential but the crypto space is not in one of its best moments, can you explain to community members why they should invest in the project & participate in its long-term development.

Ans: Thank you so much, in really happy you have understood the project and have an idea of the growth potential. The crypto market isn’t in its best moments we agree but we’re not here for the short term. If you check our tokenomics you’ll see that there is a 5 year unlock period for the team with an 18 month cliff so you’ll understand that what we’re building will be a very huge platform & we’re sure that our token holders will get their value back.
The KTE Token will have ample utility (stay tuned for a full blown article on our token utility coming out soon) but to give you an idea as AirLyft grows, so will the token utility. Subscription from startups, proof of escrow, sharing revenue with token holders, token burn, and token buy back are just some of the utilities that would be there.
Also, any other project built by Kyte will further increase the KTE Token utility.

Q2. @shergiLB : Can you briefly describe your all PARTNERSHIP, and when you approach for partnership, what factors you are looking ?

Ans: Hello Shergil. Thanks for the question. Yes we have indeed partnered with couple of projects with a conversion rate of more than 90%. Our project is best suited for any sort if category a project belongs to, be it DEFI, GAMEFI, Network, Protocol... all are potential collaborations for AirLyft. So the foremost thing we look for in their project is to understand where and how can they use AirLyft. We understand why would we be the best fit and what pain point are we solving that is hindering their growth and thats where it clicks. To put a cherry on top, we have already partnered with multiple project such as YAY Games, Heroes of NFT, Smash Heroes, Snowcone Dao, Hatchy Pocket, Meta Xeno and few others. Its going good and I am sure AirLyft will become a necessity soon.

Q3. @fahim2215 : How Do you planning to promote your project in different countries, wherein English is not spoken well? Do you have a local communities for them to better understand your project?

Ans: Thank you for asking me this question.

The TG group we have right now is a global community where we push all our daily updates. But we are always looking for someone who can create and start local / regional community in their specific languages. For this we are coming up with an Ambassador program. So if anyone is interested please contact @nehaalreja. The only talent we are looking for is crypto enthusiasm 🔥

Q4. @Brzz30 : I understand the AirLyft would be a decentralized growth hacking tool. But what would I suggest is not to limit to just one chain and go to all ecosystem. Do you have any plans for that? Also, can you share some light on revenue model? Do you plan on taking the charges with your native tokens or in fiat?

Ans: Absolutely, we are considering multi chains and not just one. Our first love is Avalanche but we will make sure that projects are not restricted to use AirLyft just because they are not on some specific chain. That’s the beauty of our platform.
We have two separate aspects - one is the subscription and one is using the project . Now a solana project can also use our platform because the pools will be deployed on multiple chains and they can go e rewards on solana as well. Our own token will be on one or two chains which will be used for subscriptions and such. So it’s a win win for all.

Q5. @coroonn : Your product Airlyft works on Multichain Platform? As is on Avalanche platform but I saw your product proposal on Harmony Protocol Forum?

Ans: Thanks for following us so closely Adarsh. Appreciate your participation. So as you know that AirLyft is a decentralized growth hacking platform, we planned on not having restricted to a single blockchain as there are tons of other projects too which are looking a solution for growth. And who doesn’t need growth???? gaaahhh!!! So we are exploring the ocean now and fitting our way into other ecosystems. We analyzed our need and it really seems that going into Harmony ecosystem would help AirLyft achieve a great success and hence filled a grant application. But we wont just stay on that, but Moonbeam, Terra are also in our vision. We really aim to make AirLyft big and necessity to all projects.

Thank you everyone once again for participating in this exciting community AMA! It was our pleasure to host AMA with Airlyft.

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🇮🇳 CryptoSpartans™ is an Emerging crypto community on Telegram. This group is for discussing everything crypto, for newbies as well as experienced traders.

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